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Original Batman Building Spire

Original Batman Building Spire

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In 1996, two years after the Batman Building's grand opening, a covert project unfolded to replace a faulty and defective spire atop the iconic skyscraper. The task was successfully completed thanks to a team of top engineers flown in from Munich who worked in tandem with Metro's Facilities Maintenance Dept. Thanks to our close connections within Metro government, the MVA Anthropological Dept. managed to secure this original spire.

But it's been a rough tax season, y'all – our CFO has made the tough call to offload this prized asset. Weighing less than 700 Fender Twin Reverbs (we use Nashville units of measurement around here) and infused with 1990s Music City charm, this priceless relic could now be yours for under $10k.

The spire has been safely preserved in our Antioch warehouse for decades, where it was regularly Windex'd. Purchaser assumes responsibility for transportation 'n' such, so best clean out that F-150 truck bed (come to think of it you're gonna need a bigger vehicle).

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