Music City is world-famous for a reason – but it's at risk of losing what makes it so special.

While new condos and celebrity bars sprout like weeds, homogenization threatens to erase the charm that made this town legendary. We believe in helping neighbors, supporting artists, and keeping "That Nashville Feeling" alive.

That's why we make Nashville t-shirts & collectibles to help you rep your city's old school soul. Really nostalgic. Rarely serious.

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Who are y'all, anyway?

  • An artist born & raised nearby Nashville's Music Valley, Hannah comes from a bonafide musical family that helped inspire this brand (whether they know it or not).

  • Tom packed his guitars for Tennessee in the early '00s. After many tours in a green Ford Econoline & a career in music marketing, he started up MVA with his sis-in-law.


We believe all people should be treated equally and with respect, kindness and love regardless of their race, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

We've donated over $3,000 to the ACLU of Tennessee.