5 Archive #11 – Tanner Davenport, Co-Director of Black Opry

5 Archive #11 – Tanner Davenport, Co-Director of Black Opry

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Tanner Davenport is the Co-Director of Black Opry and also does artist management. He was born and raised in Gallatin, TN and now lives in Nashville. Black Opry is home for Black artists, fans and industry professionals working in country, Americana, blues, and folk music. Country and roots music have been made and loved by Black people since their conception. For just as long, we have been overlooked and disregarded in the genre. Black Opry is changing that.

Re-watching Real Housewives of Potomac
So usually when there's a new season of Housewives, I normally go back and watch the most recent season just to refresh on storylines and get reacquainted with the ladies, but this year was different. My boyfriend hadn't seen a single episode of Potomac yet, so I had to make that happen real quick. We watched all 7 seasons and are currently caught up and watching as episodes air now! Let the record show, that in OUR house, we are a Karen "The Grand Dame" Hugar household.

East Nashville Antiques & Vintage
I love when I have no intention of getting anything every time I go, but I almost always leave with something! Last time I went, got a legit disco ball for $38. One of my favorite things I own now!

4DX Movies
Imagine going to the movies, but it also feeling like a roller coaster the entire time?! It's the best! I usually go to Opry Mills on an off day alone and see whatever is playing at 4DX, it doesn't even matter what movie it is (unless it's a horror movie!). It's just like being on a ride the whole time. Go if you can!


I find it so validating that my absolute favorite artist ever has created a body of work that speaks so directly to me. Between listening to the album nonstop since it dropped in 2022, seeing her at Nissan Stadium in Club Renaissance, to seeing the Renaissance film in theaters, Beyoncé continues to hold her rank of #1 in my book.

The Lipstick Lounge
I'm coming to terms with the fact that I am indeed getting older. I just turned 32 back in October and I'm really starting to love my 30s, with that, I usually don't go out as much as I use to. With that being said, when I DO decide to go out, I'm usually with a bunch of folks from Black Opry, and we have such a great time while there. It's like a cute little safe space for all of us to exist. The staff is so great. Holly G and I normally are the ones who enjoy it the most because we'll encourage a bunch of folks from Black Opry to go up and sing country classics (and occasional early 2000s bops) all night long.


We invite every guest to add 5 songs to the WMVA 61.5AM Sunday Mornings Playlist, a collection of music for mellow Sunday mornings. Here are Tanner's picks (all Black Opry artists, of course!):

  • Tylar Bryant, "Put Her On My Tab"
  • Julia Cannon, "Unglued"
  • Denitia, "What She's Doing Now"
  • The Kentucky Gentlemen, "Neon Cowboy"
  • Julie Williams, "Wrong Mr. Right"



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