5 Archive #10 – Emily Young, WNXP Nashville On-Air Host

5 Archive #10 – Emily Young, WNXP Nashville On-Air Host

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Emily Young is an on-air host and Director of Events and Promotions at WNXP Nashville. Born and raised in Nashville, she had no choice but to develop an affinity for music. From growing up on the country classics to hanging out in dirty basements watching JEFF the brotherhood, the Nashville music scene is in her DNA. You can find her teaching yoga Saturday mornings at Hot Yoga of East Nashville and then likely having a beer at Dino's before a show that night. When she's not a lady about town, Emily spends entirely too much time at home with her cat Jerry.

The noodles at Xiao Bao

Nothing soothes my soul like filling my belly with entirely too many carbs, preferably noodles. Xiao Bao's biang biang hand pulled noodles have quickly jumped to the top of my list of go-to comfort foods in Nashville. I also have a fondness for little trinkets and miniature-sized stuff, so using the teeny scissors to cut the noddles is an added bonus. I'm proud of myself for not sneaking a pair into my purse honestly.

And Just Like That...
(Sex and the City revival)

This is truly the worst thing to happen to the Sex and the City franchise, and yet, I cannot look away. It's the best train wreck you can't stop watching. The characters don't even seem to have the same personalities (aside from Carrie's terrible taste in men). I will be devastated when the show is appropriately canceled. However, Aidan Shaw remains the reason for the phase "not all men."

Cheap, shitty beer

Nothing tastes sweeter than a $3 Narragansett from Duke's. Nashville might be transitioning towards trendy cocktail lounges and natural wine bars, but this gal stays loyal to the cheapest beer available. Long live a Miller Lite, Coors Banquet or better yet, a Hamm's rarity.

Old Hickory Village

Built in 1918 to house the DuPont plant workers, Old Hickory Village remains one of the most "old Nashville" Nashville neighborhoods. With its rainbow houses and town square gazebo, the neighborhood is a real life Stars Hollow. It truly cannot be beat when it comes to Halloween and even hosts an annual village Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Not to mention, the new addition of Dose to the neighborhood!

Music City Modern

Dubbed "Nashville's best kept secret for refinished mid mod furniture," I'm here to let the cat out of the bag. Music City Modern (@musiccitymodern on Instagram) has furnished a majority of my home, and I still obsessively stalk his account weekly to see what goods he has even though I 1000000% do not have room for anything else. Seriously, please do not let me buy one more piece of furniture that I don't need.


We invite every guest to add 5 songs to the WMVA 61.5AM Sunday Mornings Playlist, a collection of music for mellow Sunday mornings. Here are Emily's picks:

  • Jobi Riccio, "For Me It's You"
  • My Morning Jacket, "Steam Engine"
  • Sun Seeker, "No One Knows"
  • Faye Webster, "I Know You"
  • Dijon, "Annie"



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